Embrace the Planner Adventure: Unveiling My 2024 Line-Up!

Oh, my fellow planner enthusiasts, one of the greatest challenges I face is choosing which planners to use from my own remarkable range! Alas, I cannot use them all (though some incredible souls can, and I admire them for it!). So, I must choose wisely, ensuring practicality and purpose. Naturally, my journey began with our beloved All-In-One A4 Coiled planners, the very foundation of my business. They have triumphantly solved almost all of my teacher planner problems, securing their permanent spot in my planner line-up. But wait, there's more! Allow me to introduce the game-changer: the Disc Planning system. Brace yourselves, for it will revolutionise the way we plan with its extraordinary functionality and limitless customisation options. Is there anything a disc planner can't solve? I think not! Prepare for my second offering in the 2024 line-up, a product that will rock your planning world!

1: A4 All-In-One Teacher Planner in Journey: The Unbeatable Must-Have

Announcing the first product in my 2024 line-up, an absolute non-negotiable: the A4 All-In-One Coiled Teacher Planner in the stunning Journey cover! This exclusive layout, unique to TFT, is an essential companion if you're aiming to master the art of balancing day-to-day lesson planning with the countless administrative tasks that come with being a teacher. With this gem, I can keep everything in one place, avoiding those dreadful moments of realisation when I exclaim, "Oh no, I left that on my desk!" And let me share a secret with you—choosing the Journey cover was an obvious decision. Not only is it adorned with breathtaking art by the talented Amy Firth, who happens to be a dear friend of mine, but it also celebrates the beauty of our First Nations' culture. It's a true honour to feature her incredible art on our planners!

2: A5 Disc Custom Notebook: Unleash Your Creativity

Hold on tight, because here comes the second star of my 2024 line-up! Well, truth be told, I can actually start using it in 2023 since it's a notebook—how thrilling is that? Behold, the A5 custom Disc Notebook, destined to become a game-changer on your desk!

This magical notebook will be completely customised, as I build it using the inserts that perfectly suit my needs throughout the year. The possibilities are endless! Here are the fantastic products I'll be incorporating into my dream notebook:

  • 28mm Gold Aluminium discs: Shimmering with elegance and durability, these discs will hold my customised notebook together flawlessly.
  • A5 cover in Sunflower: Radiating warmth and cheerfulness, this cover will instantly brighten my day.
  • Crystal clear plastic covers: These protective covers will keep my notebook safe from the elements, allowing it to endure every adventure.
  • A5 Disc dividers: Organise and conquer! These dividers will effortlessly separate and categorise my notebook's sections.
  • A5 Plastic sleeves: Perfect for keeping important documents and inspiration close at hand.
  • A5 cardboard pocket: A trusty companion for stashing notes, receipts, and any other tidbits I may encounter on my journey.
  • Meeting notes inserts: Capture every detail, brainstorm, and idea during those important gatherings.
  • PD log inserts: Track my professional development progress and celebrate the milestones.
  • Term Overview inserts: Get a bird's-eye view of the upcoming months, helping me plan and prepare with ease.
  • Checklist Sheet inserts: Stay on top of tasks, to-dos, and all the little things that make a big difference.
  • Dot grid inserts: Unleash my creativity and let my thoughts flow freely on these versatile dot grid pages.
  • Lined inserts: Perfect for jotting down notes, reflections, or even writing a spontaneous poem or two!

Excitement fills the air as I embark on this planner adventure, carefully curating a line-up that will enhance your planning experience. Join me on this thrilling journey, and let's celebrate the magic of organisation and creativity together!

Simon Russell