How are planners typically made? A Peek into Our Exclusive Australian Manufacturing Process

Planners and stationery have become an integral part of our lives, and it's no surprise that we often encounter imported products in this realm. Most planner shops choose the path of mass production overseas, driven by the allure of affordability. But wait! Brace yourselves for a moment of triumph, dear TFT family, as we embrace this challenge with unwavering enthusiasm! We are utterly passionate about supporting Australian-made products, and our journey begins right here!

Crafted with Love: The TFT Difference

Sure, our planners may not boast the rock-bottom prices of their imported counterparts. But oh, the joy that comes from knowing that each and every planner we bring to life is crafted with boundless love, meticulous care, and exquisite attention to detail in our enchanting Cairns warehouse! Our dedicated team pours their heart and soul into manufacturing your planners, using nearly all Australian sourced materials and components. Let that sense of pride wash over you as you hold a planner made with passion!

Aussie-Made Magic: Where TFT Planners Call Home

Prepare to be dazzled, for we stand proudly as one of the select few Aussie Teacher Planner businesses that manufacture our planners in-house, right here in the sunshine-filled haven of Queensland! From the very inception of our business, we have been devoted to the art of Australian craftsmanship.

And that's not all! We extend our commitment to crafting excellence beyond planners. Our Deluxe Notebooks, Notepads, and Notebooks are also brought to life on our beautiful Australian shores. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality Australian Made planners is an ongoing adventure, and we can't wait to share it with you!

Sourcing Greatness: Where Our Materials Come From

Our passion for Australian-made products runs deep, and we set out on a mission to source as many local materials as possible. Oh, rejoice! We have triumphed in this endeavor! The only imported component of your coiled planner happens to be those shimmering gold aluminium coils. Why, you ask? Because we firmly believe in creating planners of the highest quality, and to achieve this, we needed coils that would radiate pure perfection. After countless trials and an adventure filled with determination, we finally found our trusted coil manufacturer overseas.

Now, let us shine a light on the local treasures we gather to weave our magic:

  • Plastic sleeves: These marvelous creations are manufactured right here in sunny QLD, adding that extra touch of local enchantment.
  • Crystal clear protective covers: Sourced from a cherished supplier in our beloved Queensland, these covers provide the perfect shield for your cherished planner.
  • Printed internal pages: Straight from our Queensland oasis, these pages brim with beauty and practicality, tailored for your planning needs.
  • Printed linen artwork covers: With love and care, we print these breathtaking covers right here in sunny Queensland, giving your planner an extra touch of artistic flair.

Boundless Horizons: A Future of Collaboration and Inspiration

As we journey forward, our hearts overflow with joy as we extend our Australian Made services to other planner and stationery businesses that share our burning desire to support local manufacturers and wave goodbye to imported products. Together, we shall nurture the spirit of Australian craftsmanship!

Our future holds steadfast dedication to being Australian Made, unwavering in our commitment to maintaining exceptional quality standards. And that's not all! We also aim to empower other planner shops to embark on their own local manufacturing adventures.

Feel the excitement bubbling within you? We invite you to connect with Katie at to learn more about our extraordinary process. Join us in this wondrous journey of crafting magic, together!


Katie Brenton