The Educoat

$59.00 AUD


Meet The Educoat – Your Teacher Sidekick! This isn't your average coat; it's a magical teaching companion that adds a sprinkle of fun to every lesson! Picture this: every time you explain something cool, you and your students capture the highlights and turn them into a living summary right on the coat!

As the school year unfolds, The Educoat becomes a colourful showcase of everything you've learned. It's like a personalized scrapbook, but way cooler! Imagine wearing a coat covered in a patchwork of lessons – each one a tiny masterpiece.

So, let's make learning a cozy adventure together. Join us as we turn every class into a story, and watch Educoat become your favorite lesson buddy!


This Educoat features:

  • Two front deep teacher pockets
  • One front breast pocket with The Functional Teacher logo embroidered
  • Brightly coloured number buttons (2, 4, 6 & 8 on the front and 5 & 7 on the back belt)
  • Pink edging


One size fits most


  • 20% Cotton
  • 80% Polyester

Additional Details:

  • Do not wash The Educoat once it has been drawn on
  • Colours of the buttons may vary
  • Fabric markers sold separately