Plastic Discs

$10.00 AUD


Grab one of these packs of 11 Discs to customise and create your own planners and notebooks. If you do not wish to customise your own planner/notebook, see our Coiled Planner options instead.

Disc sizes are not linked to our planner inserts, as your configuration will be completely unique.

Select the size disc based on how thick you'd like your planner/notebook to be. Disc planners/notebooks are completely assembled and customised by you, so it will come down to personal preference as to the size discs you choose.

You will most likely have planner and add-on inserts left over once you have assembled your planner, so store them in a safe place to swap out with your used inserts later on.

Disc Sizes & Capacity:

24mm: Can hold approx. 80 sheets of 120gsm paper
28mm: Can hold approx. 120 sheets of 120gsm paper
32mm: Can hold approx. 150 sheets of 120gsm paper
38mm: Can hold approx. 180 sheets of 120gsm paper

Please note, this is a guide only and if you are adding-in dividers, pockets etc. this will reduce the page capacity.