Adhesive Tabs | Monthly

$7.00 AUD


How To Use:

Download our FREE Digital Guide & Video and simply cut around the guide and place it along the length of your planner and line up each tab for accuracy:

  • Print the file on A3 paper and select 'Actual Size' or 'Scale to 100%'
  • Cut around the A4 or A5 guide depending on the size planner you are using
  • Line up the clear end of the tab with the guide and stick to your paper ensuring the grey section overhangs
  • Fold and stick the tab over by gently pressing the centre of the grey section to ensure it will fold evenly

Our tabs will suit your A4 and A5 planners and notebooks. A4 planners can fit 7 tabs down 1 length of the planner/notebook and A5 planners can fit 5 tabs down 1 length of the planner/notebook.


Sticker sheet size: 29.7cm x 21cm

Full tab size: 5.5cm x 4cm
Tab Overhang size: 4.5cm x 0.6cm


Each set of Adhesive Tabs | Monthly includes 12 x Monthly Tabs, 1 x Overview Tab, 1 x Notes Tab & 1 x Blank Tab


Gloss waterproof vinyl. Fully transparent with opaque grey tab lip.

Additional Details:

  • Use a permanent marker or label maker if writing on these tabs to ensure ink does not smudge.
  • Images are indicative only.